Making a splash in our bijou function suite

When disaster struck the Invicta Hotel and our bijou function room was flooded just a few short weeks ago, our thoughts immediately turned to the young couple who’s wedding reception is being held at the Hotel in early April.

“When we first heard about the flood we really didn’t know what to do for the best,” said the blushing bride, who’s been planning the fairy tale wedding for months. “We chose the Invicta because I’ve always wanted to get married on the Hoe and the registry office is literally across the road. Of course unexpected things can always happen, but we really didn’t see this coming! Where were we going to get another venue at such short notice?”

But things actually turned out for the best: “We never imagined that the hotel would be able to turn things around in just a few weeks, but with hindsight we’re actually really happy everything panned out the way it did! It’s a real privilege to be the first couple to use the room since the refurb – everything is brand new; the colours in the room are really elegant and make the space really light and airy. There’s even a brand new dance floor! It’s had a new lease of life and we’re both really excited to enjoy using it with our friends and family in a few weeks.”

We’re so pleased to have been able to rectify the damage in time – a big thank you to NFU Mutual, without whom this wouldn’t have been possible. We can’t wait to celebrate the happy couple’s wedding with them early next month and look forward to welcoming their friends and family for the festivities!